FAQ about Holiday SIM card

Have a look at this FAQ section related to the SIM card offer "Orange Holiday" provided by Orange France

Holiday SIM Card from Orange France in details

A prepaid SIM card including

  • 20GB of data mobile in Europe
  • 2 hours of calls from Europe to the world
  • 1000 SMS from Europe to the world
  • Credit validity : 14 days
  • Line validity : 6 months after activation (don’t forget to identify your line)


A 20€ prepaid recharge including

  • 5GB of data in Europe
  • 1 hour of calls from Europe to the world
  • 500 SMS from Europe to the world
  • Credit validity : 14 days
  • Line validity : 6 months after activation (don’t forget to identify your line), line validity renewed for 6 months after each top up.


A 40€ prepaid recharge including

  • 20GB of data in Europe
  • 1 hour of calls from Europe to the world
  • 1000 SMS from Europe to the world
  • Credit validity : 31 days
  • Line validity : 6 months after activation (don’t forget to identify your line), line validity renewed for 6 months after each top up.

You can check your credit typing #123#.

Note: Select sub-menu to check credit added with a top


The Orange holiday offer works in the following countries:
Andorra, Azores, Aland islands, Germany, Austria, Balearic islands, Belgium, Canary islands , Cyprus, Corfu, Crete, the Cyclades, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Faeroe islands, Finland, France (mainland), Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Isle of Man, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Rhodes, Romania, United Kingdom, San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Vatican

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Nous fournissons l’accès 4G partout en Europe, où  il est disponible. Lorsque la 4G n’est pas disponible, vous vous connecterez à la 3G.</span><span style=”font-weight: 400;”>

</span><span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Vous aurez accès au réseau 4G dans les pays suivants:</span>

Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Croatie, Danemark, Espagne, Estonie, Finlande, France (métropolitaine), Grèce, Hongrie, Islande, Irlande, Italie, Lettonie, Liechtenstein, Lituanie , Luxembourg, Pays-Bas, Norvège, Pologne, Portugal, République Tchèque, Roumanie, Slovaquie, Suède, Suisse, Royaume-Uni.

Dial + (or 00) followed by the country code, followed by the number you would like to call. For instance, to make a call to Spain, dial +34 (the country code for Spain), followed by the phone number you want to call.

Please note, for countries whose numbers begin with zero (like the UK and France), this zero will need to be removed when calling from abroad.

Algeria : 213 Italy : 39 Spain : 34
Australia : 61 Kuwait : 965 Switzerland : 41
Brazil : 55 Lebanon : 961 Tunisia : 216
Belgium : 32 Morocco : 212 United Emirates : 971
China : 86 New Caledonia : 687 United Kingdom : 44
Germany : 49 Saudi Arabia : 966 United States / Canada : 1

No, your SIM card will only work in Europe.

Yes, you can use the Orange Holiday SIM card in both mobile Wi-Fi hotspots and tablets.

Yes, you can share your data connection between several devices.

Going to “Settings” and activate your “Personal Hotspot”

The mobile network Orange is activated immediately after the insertion of the pre-paid SIM card Orange Holiday.

If it doesn’t work properly, following the next steps:

Step 1: Don’t forget to activate your mobile data on your phone.

Going to “Settings” –>”Activate Mobile Data”

and to have 4G “Mobile Data Options”–> “Voice and data”–> “and select 4G”.

Step 2: Check if your mobile is configured to the Orange APN.

If your mobile does not automatically connect to the Orange APN, you will need to go to “Settings” and configure it to the Orange APN before you can select it.

Example on the iPhone:

a) Open your iPhone and click on Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Network (or Edge in early versions). b) Then fill in the fields as follows:


  • Access Point Name (or APN): orange
  • User name: orange
  • Password: orange


Yes, your call credit is deducted for each call received, except in France where it is free to receive calls.

The Orange Holiday SIM card comes in triple format (pre-cut into standard, micro and nano) and is compatible with any device.

No, you cannot receive or send MMS.

Welcoming text from Orange ->a welcoming text from Orange with your line number.

Activation text message -> a text message with your initial credit validity period. You will have 14days to use your offer.

Registration text messages -> texts sent every two days to remind you to send us your ID information. See link below (number 21).

Phone number validity text message -> one week before the end of your line validity, you will receive a text message.

Credit consumption text messages -> texts to inform you how much credit you have used (sent when you have used 50%, 80% and 100% of your credit).

End of credit validity text messages -> at the end of your credit validity period, you will receive a text from Orange. Dial #123# for more details. If you want to keep using your Orange Holiday account, you need to top up.

The SIM card is pre-activated, you just have to insert the SIM card into your device and it will work right away, provided that your device is unlocked.

  • Online

Please, click here to register your line: Register your Orange Holiday SIM Card

  • By Post

If you bought your Orange offer at a newsagent’s or a Relay outlet, send the following items back within a maximum of 15 days after your line activation:

  • your coupon filled in and signed which is in your package
  • a copy of both sides of your passport or your ID

if you are in France, you can send the documents back with the prepaid T envelop

if you are not in France: please tramp the envelop at a postage rate for France to send your documents back

Documents should be sent to:


Coupon Mobile

Autorisation 32777

86029 Poitiers Cedex


Prepaid sim card coupon:

4G Airbox Holiday coupon:

If you do not register your line within 30 days after activation, your account will be permanently terminated and you will not be able to top up.

That is completely normal. It takes about 10 days to register your line.

Credit is valid for 14 days from first use (first call, first SMS, first Internet connection).

Your line is valid for 1 month. If you want to keep using your line for more than 1 month, you need to send a copy of your ID and the form in the envelope provided by Orange. Once Orange has received the information, and the line is identified, it will be valid for 6 months and will be renewed for 6 months after each top-up except for the 5€ top up (1 month only).

Note: dial #123# to find out the validity of your line (Number Validity).

Attention, only the Holiday 20 € recharge is cumulated with the remaining credit of your Welcome Pack Holiday. The other refills are compatible with the offer and accumulate between them, but they do not accumulate with the remaining credit of your Welcome Pack Holiday.

However, in order to accumulate the call credit of Orange Holiday recharge with your remaining credit, you must top up before the end of the credit validity (14 days). Once this time is exceeded, only the call credit of the Orange Holiday recharge will be taken into account.

To top-up a phone from our website, we invite you to follow these steps:

1- on the homepage https://topup.orange.com, select the country of destination from the drop-down list, and fill in the phone number by checking carefully, then click on “Send top-up”
2- click on the recharge value that suits you best and click on “Continue”
3- then click on the “New User” tab, fill in all the required fields, be careful to indicate your mobile phone, since it is your account, then confirm. A code will be sent by SMS to your mobile phone to validate the creation of your account.
4- a payment page appears so that you can finalize your purchase with your credit card.


If you bought an Orange Holiday Welcome Pack or a 4G Airbox Holiday and you want to top up, only with the Holiday recharge: credit will accumulate and the period of validity will be extended by 14 days. By recharging, you will not lose your initial credit.

If you bought an Orange Holiday recharge, and you want to top up with another one: credit will accumulate for the purchase of the same recharge.

For instance, if you have sold out your entire data mobile, but you still have 60 min to call, 500 SMS, and you decide to complete with an Orange Holiday recharge. You will have 120 minutes to call, 1000 SMS and 5Gb of internet.

The Orange Holiday recharge will accumulate with another Holiday recharge 20€, the Top-up internet 3GB 25€ will accumulate with another top-up internet 3GB 25€ and the top-up 1GB 10€ will accumulate with another top-up internet 1GB 10€.


You can contact Orange France customer service – available from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week – and ask to speak to someone who speaks English.

  • From France: dial 3900
  • From Europe: dial +33 9 69 39 39 00

Remove your local SIM card and insert in your phone the prepaid SIM card Orange Holiday or select manually the SIM card to use.

Going to “Settings”–> “SIM Management” –> “SIM infos” –> Choose the SIM card and select YES or NON

In order to use the prepaid SIM card Orange Holiday, the phone need to be unlock.


Option 1: Call the customer care center from your mobile operator


Option 2: On your computer


On IPhone: Via Itunes

Step 1: Connect the IPhone to the computer from the micro USB cable

Step 2: Open iTunes software from your computer

Step 3: Restore the IPhone

Step 4: Save your settings and confirm the restoration from your settings

Step 5: Enter the PIN and the phone will be unlock


On Android: Download on your computer “Android Data Recovery”

Step 1: Access to Android SIM unlock

Step 2: Follow the instructions to unlock your phone

Step 3: Waiting for the unlocking to finish


Pay attention, do not confuse the validity of your line and the validity of your credit. Indeed your credit is valid for 14 days as soon as the activation of your SIM card. Your line is valid for 1 month without registration, if you register the validity period will be extended to 6 months.

It is possible that you receive generical messages from Orange about it. As a reminder, this doesn’t mean that you can use your holiday offer outside Europe, it will not work.

No, your Orange Holiday SIM card is activated when you send your first SMS, make your first call or make your first Internet connection. As the offer only operates in Europe, it is not possible to activate it outside Europe.

No, once the deadline of your SIM card has passed, it is impossible for our technical services to reactivate it.

Yes, by connecting with your mobile on the website Orange top up, you can top up each of your account. You can send credit to your family and your friends. You just have to indicate the telephone number to top up, chose the value of the top up and pay online.

Your call credit is valid for 14 days after activation of the Orange holiday prepaid sim card. However, once registered, the validity of the line is 6 months.  For each top up taken into account, the line validity shall be extend by 6 months. You will keep the same phone number throughout the validity period.